Jeff (elctrcmonkyman) wrote in neverendingstor,

(being continued...)

But this was no ordinary fish! What the unsuspecting couple didn't suspect, was just what the fish had suspected they wouldn't suspect. What did they not suspect you ask? That this fish was none other than Jerry the Harbinger of DOOM!

Completely unknown to the quarelling couple, the fish they had won at that shady Tiajuana bar a couple years ago was actually a maniacal fish with aspirations of world domination. Jerry's brain had been unnaturally altered by an alien, who, while attempting to turn a smelly cow inside out with his lazer, missed and hit a common fish, in a common pond. You'd think that that would have been the end of Jerry. A rather unusually messy end to a perfectly usual fish. But you'd be wrong. You see, the variance receptors, that make the alien's lazer work, are set to identify the DNA of a cow, and turn them inside out from the genetic level. however, this lazer happened to malfunction slightly, when the lazer hit the fish, and read it's DNA, it didn't turn him inside out, instead it altered Jerry's brain into that of a meglomaniacal supergenius, bent on world domination!

well, as the saying goes: even the smartest fish, bent on ruling the world, can fall prey to tequila. Jerry was running a whore house down in tiajuana to raise funds for his secret army, when a stranger walked into the bar.
This was no ordinary stranger. in fact, he was quite a bit stranger than your average stranger. this stranger was a human supremacist with a special hate of icthyo-americans. well, long story short, the stranger got Jerry quite drunk that night on mezcal tequila (jerry likes worms cause he's a fish, duh), and the next thing Jerry knew, he was in a fish bowl being lugged home by a not to civil couple.

Jerry had spent his many hours in that bowl, on that table, near that couple, planning his escape. and tonight was the night! Jerry gathered his courage, held his breath and lept out of his bowl...

to be continued...
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