Jeff (elctrcmonkyman) wrote in neverendingstor,

Mission Possible

"My name is Tricia McMilliam." She waited for a response, to see the light of recognition in his eyes. There was none. This guy is really dedicated to his cover, what an agent, she thought.
Jack continued to stare at her breasts thinking: she's looking at me like i should know her or something, i don't understand. My arm hurts.
After a rather uncomfortable silence, and a couple angry exclamations from the customers behind Jack, Tricia said, "Jack, follow me." She then made her way to the door in the back of the coffee house. Jack followed, blood trailing.
Jack followed the girl out the back door and into a dark and lonesome alley. His pulse quickened as he realized that she was going to take pity on him. He excitedly started unzipping his pants.
"The Crow Flies At Midnight!" Tricia boldly exclaimed. And, after no reaction she repeated, "The Crow Flies At Midnight! Are you ears hurt too?" You know, she thought to herself, he IS cute, but i'm tired of the agency sending these undertrained agents. Obviously annoyed, she took his hand away from his zipper and shouted, "Look! Stop playing with yourself, there's just no time! If we're going to save the world, we've got to get to it! Now, what is the code?!"
"My arm hurts," Jack replied.
Oh Shit! What orders did that mean? I can't remember, she thought. Was it to continue? or to stop and flub the mission? was it to head to the warehouse? i can't remember. oh shit oh shit oh shit. And i've been ordered to keep radio silence. What am I going to do?!
"Are you ok? I mean, I'm the one who should look upset here, my arm's off!" Women, jack thought, always so damned dramatic. "What was all that rot about saving the world? I mean, i'm interested, i love the world. Without it i'd have no place to live."
"Oh, nevermind the orders, come with me!" And with that said, she grabbed him by the arm, his good arm that is, started to drag him out to the street, and said: "OK! Lets go get your arm re-attached at the headquarters, figure out our orders, and save the world!"
Well, at least I have something to do for work now, jack thought. Whatever it is, it's gotta beat working for Mr. Evil. I wonder what will happen when she finds out I'm a different Jack.
They reaced the end of the alley, where it opens up to the street, jumped athleticly into her shiny black convertable, and drove off into the sunset, heading towards Mission HQ!...
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