Jeff (elctrcmonkyman) wrote in neverendingstor,

Mission Possible

... There was a time when Jack would have worried about such things... But that was a long, long time ago. The mission is now the greater good.
Of course the funny thing was is that Jack really did need to go to the bathroom. He made his way down the hall and to the right. Details aside, he finished his buisness.
As if serendipity struck twice in the same spot, There is a stairway next the the restrooms. Jack heads upwards and onwards.
Up one floor, weapon out, always expecting rivaly, he turns the corner. There is a sense, almost like a sixth sense, that gives the verteran the advantage, and Jack is a definate veteran.
It is the skill of foresight and intuition that allows Jack the first shot. In a gunfight, it's the first shot that counts, for even if a person is dealt a minor wound, it's enough to turn the tables. This day though, the tables are turned for Timmothy Howard, 2nd lieutennant, Armstrong Security. He goes down in a crumpled, confused heap, holding the hold in his chest seeping forth his lifeblood in incredulity. This can't be the end, mother, he thinks, I'm so young... There's so much I haven't see-m. . . I - can't - see... it's - so - cold...
Casualties are part of the buisness, it's better him than me thinks Jack as he runs up to the 14th floor. Funny that there was only one guard...
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