resting my feet on your cake (dirge4) wrote in neverendingstor,
resting my feet on your cake

(continued from page 1)

... as Tiffany burst into a rendition of "I think we're alone now" in a half-assed attempt to launch her come-back career. Several problems were inherent in this spontaneous desire for attention.

1. No one would even give her the time of day, much less welcome her back.

2. ...well, that was the main one.

Jerry and Sheila looked up in confusion at the bloated & dyed redhead (they could clearly see the truth of the curtains from their groundfloor view of the rug). And then quickly forgot about the entire outburst, as Jerry felt an impending outburst of his own. "Consarnit, I KNEW I should have moisturized after my bath!" he cried.

Jerry's colon and skin cells lost all cohesion as he literally shit himself to pieces. Sheila was taken aback, and then reoriented to her original position.

At the commotion of Jerry's discorporation, Tiffany looked down at the floor and squealed lustily at the be-tentacled pet Sheila. Sheila flopped over uselessly in the shag carpeting, in a sad attempt to flee Tiffany's claws. Tiffany triumphantly trapped the tentacled toad, and raised it to the level of her eyes.

"Well now, I have a hankering for..."
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