resting my feet on your cake (dirge4) wrote in neverendingstor,
resting my feet on your cake

(continued it is being)

"... [cough] LEPT OUT OF HIS BOWL?"

Jerry blinks, leaps out of the cereal bowl and plummets to the carpet without so much as a sigh. The director slaps his forehead in frustration and flings the script behind his head, cursing choppily in Turkish.

But this was no ordinary Turkish director. By night he was asleep, but by day he was OSTVALDO the Turk with a silent T in his Mexican name! Those not closest to OSTVALDO the Turk with a silent T in his Mexican name's entourage were infected with acne in obvious and well-publicized ways. Y'know like the time Sheila decided to like just tag along with that like one drummer to like see if she could like score some blow but she like ended up blowing his like drumstick-thing or whatever, y'know. Like she's so groddy, like how can she like live with herself, yknow?? Like God knows how she got acne in her gallbladder, she's so like funky and gross like that y'know.

"Like ugh," said Jerry when he came to on the linoleum. He flopped as well a fish out of water could flopped and managed to situate himself right smack in the middle of the linoleum -- in full view of the raving mad pussy that was now standing over him.

"IT'S SHEILA!!!" squealed Jerry the maniacal fish bent on world domination. "I DONT WANT ACNE!!!"

(i bet you thought i meant a pussy cat)
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